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Our Business Model

We have created a 1×3 business model with a very rewarding compensation plan giving members the ability to live a financially free life.

Very Flexible Model
This means a member can choose to enter a package at the Manager Stage rather than starting with the Starter Package. Also you do not have to wait for the end of the month to earn. Every new referral gives you an opportunity to earn instantly.

A Workable Business Model

We have a workable business model where everything is laid out in black and white. Members know what to expect at every stage and at what time. It is as easy as it looks.

An Apex Which Can Be Easily Attained

One of our goals is to have an easily achievable apex hence members can see it as a monthly goal and actually reach those goals.

Three Stages Only

Each package has only three stages and a high compensation plan, members can earn more than most jobs, even though it may just be passive income for them.

Payment as at When Due

Members do not have to wait for the end of the month to earn. As soon as a member is qualified, he or she is queued for payment which comes within 0-5 days depending on the volume of pay-outs.

Great Support System

We are constantly changing and evolving our support system to better serve members of the network for the best experience possible.


Networking has always being a part of human social behaviour from the beginning and all societies thrive by it. All businesses grow only by networking. We see networking as an art which deserves a reward.


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